Brand Story

Awake. Live. Thrive.

Réveil Brand Story

Beauty is confidence, knowledge, and self-discovery. Beauty is the strength to be comfortable in your own skin. You are nothing less than beautiful when you are secure in whom you are, open to awakening to your full potential, and discovering who you can become. As the name entails, Réveil means to awake, and we aim to awaken your body, mind and soul to confidently face any challenges the world may bring.

Réveil wants you to awaken to the sense of excitement and self-discovery. Life is full of anticipation, of experiences waiting to be had, and opportunities to be grasped. Réveil celebrates independence and vitality with an array of playful and refreshing line of customized products, each tailored to meet your changing, individual needs. Every person is unique and entitled to their prerogatives, so take charge and awaken your sense of adventure. Réveil wants to accompany you on your journey towards experiencing and exploring everything this world has to offer and ultimately discovering your true potential. Réveil celebrates you for who you are. Let us take care of your body so that you may live and flourish each day with confidence. Awaken to anticipation. Awaken to thrive. Awaken to life.

Awake. Live. Thrive.